Services We Provide in Domestic Family Law Cases

In addition to Divorce, Custody and Adoption Services we offer the following
legal services.  We can assist you with full service representation as well as
unbundled services in certain circumstances.  Call today to find out how we can
help you.  

Legal Separation
Name Changes
Restraining Orders
Stalking Injunctions
Child Support
Spousal Support (Alimony)
Protective Order Defense
Divorce Decree Enforcement and Modification
Juvenile Court / DCFS Defense

PATERNITY – A child's legal father has legal rights to custody and parent-time, as well as legal duties to financially support the child through child support.  A
parentage action or paternity suit also establishes basic legal rights for the child
which endure into adulthood.  Jensen Legal Services represents Fathers
seeking to establish paternity and other parenting rights such as custody and
parent-time. [see links below]

GUARDIANSHIP – Jensen Legal Services assists grandparents or other
relatives in establishing guardianships over minor children and incapacitated
adults, known legally as "wards".  The legal guardian has the responsibility for
the care and welfare of the ward and will be able to make financial, educational
and health decisions during times when the natural parent is unavailable. [see
links below]

LEGAL SEPARATION –  In situations where parties cannot yet divorce for
religious reasons or other reasons, a legal separation establishes a decree of
separate maintenance to ensure support is provided and necessary bills are
paid.  Property rights and child custody and support are also addressed.

ANNULMENT – A marriage may be deemed legally invalid for various legal
reasons in the State of Utah.  Jensen Legal Services can help annul marriages
in these circumstances.  Rather than ending a marriage, an annulment is a
legal declaration that the marriage was null and void and never legally existed.  
The rules for an annulment are different than divorce.  Contact Jensen Legal
Services for more information. [see links below]

NAME CHANGES –  A legal name change allows an ex-spouse to take back her
name after divorce, or for a parent and child to better bond by sharing the same
name.  Jensen Legal Service can assist any adult or child through the legal
name change process for a reasonable flat fee. [see links below]

order to protect them from domestic violence or harassment.  Protective Orders
are obtained if someone needs to protection from a spouse, former spouse or
relative.  Violation of a protective order is a Class A misdemeanor domestic
violence offense.  Restraining Orders are civil in nature and can be obtained
even if parties have not lived together and are not related.  Jensen Legal
Services can help you determine which option is best for you and assist you in
obtaining an order signed by the Judge. [see links below]

STALKING INJUNCTIONS – If you are being stalked and it has occurred more
than once, you can ask the court for a stalking injunction to order that person
not to have contact or get near you.  A stalking injunction works differently from
a restraining order or protective order.  [see links below]

CHILD SUPPORT – Based on the combined incomes of both parties and driven
by statute. Usually paid to the custodial parent, however in joint custody
situations the calculation is different and may result in a lower payment or
neither party paying the other party anything.  [see links below]

SPOUSAL SUPPORT (ALIMONY) –The court considers both the need of the
party seeking support and the ability to pay of the other party. The court will
also consider the ability to earn income of the party seeking support payments.
More commons in marriages of longer duration, particularly when there is a
large disparity in income. Most common when one party puts another through
school or sacrifices their own education to care for children of the marriage.
Spousal support can be awarded for a term not to exceed the actual length of
the marriage and terminates upon the marriage or cohabitation of the receiving

PROTECTIVE ORDER DEFENSE –  If a protective order or other restrictive
order has been filed against you, Jensen Legal Services can help you fight
back and protect your rights.  If you have been served with an ex parte
protective order, restraining order or stalking injunction, our knowledge and
experience will help ensure your freedom.  If an ex parte order is entered on a
permanent basis, you may face criminal penalties and loss of gun rights.  
Jensen Legal Services has successfully handled hundreds of these types of

DECREE ENFORCEMENT –  An order to show cause or other enforcement tool
can be filed against an ex-spouse or party who refuses to comply with support,
property or any other order contained within a divorce decree or paternity
order.  In some circumstances the offending party may be ordered to pay for
the attorney fees and in extreme cases can be fined or jailed by the court.

MODIFICATION OF DECREE – A court order or decree involving custody,
parent-time, alimony or support may be modified by the court.  There are
specific rules and limitations where this applies which require a material change
of circumstances.  Any modification sought involving minor children must be in
the best interest of the child.  Jensen Legal Services will successfully handle
your case if a change or modification is necessary and warranted.  

JUVENILE COURT / DCFS DEFENSE – If a State agency such as the Divisions
of Child and Family Services or Child Protective Services has filed a petition
against you in the Juvenile Court, you will need assertive representation
immediately.  Nothing is more important than preserving the family relationship.  
Utah Law allows the state to take your children from your home through a
"Shelter Hearing" when there are allegations of abuse or neglect, including
physical abuse, medical neglect, drug or alcohol use and other circumstances.  
We will help you keep the family intact and navigate you and your family
through this confusing and intimidating system. Call us today for a consultation!
Useful Links in Domestic Family Law Proceedings:

Paternity Links:  Establishing Paternity in Utah;
Paternity Guide for Unmarried Parents in Utah.  (we
recommend a personalized one on one consultation to
review your rights and duties- the information in these
links does not constitute legal advice and is provided to
educate you on the issues of paternity- this information
does not replace competent legal representation)
Guardianship Test (This online test must be completed
prior to the court entering an Order Establishing
Guardianship)  For detailed information and
preparations of all required forms call Jensen Legal.
Name Change forms and instructions:  Jensen Legal
can assist you through the entire process for a low flat
rate fee
Annulments (useful information)
Civil Stalking Injunctions (information and legal forms
are available at this link.  We recommend you also
consult with an attorney at our office)
Protective Orders  Jensen Legal Services can assist in
obtaining or defending Protective Orders and assisting
with the custody and visitation issues that will arise.
Online Child Support Calculator:  This online calculator
can help estimate child support based on the parties
incomes.  Consult with an Attorney at Jensen Legal for
advice on determining child support.

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